TSBC has many opportunities in Athletics. Our school year always gets kicked off in September with our annual staff verse student flag football game. As is the usual custom, the staff drilled the college once again this year by a final score of 58-12

There are also basketball games scheduled with other Bible colleges in our region throughout the year.

Our girls play volleyball against other Bible colleges as well.

There is a chance for our young men to be on the church softball team as well.

We also have intramural programs within the church that provide a chance to be involved in athletics.



Our college has many activities throughout the year for all students to attend. You will find, there will be no problem staying busy with many great activities and church wide fellowships. Some of the activities for our students include:

1. Luau

2. Christmas Party

3. Valentine’s Banquet

4. Beast Feast

5. Hayride

6. Football Cookouts

7. Date Nights

8. Chili Supper

9. Labor Day Picnic

10. Fall Festival

11. Mission Trips

12. Preacher Boy Meetings

Ministry Life

Our College Students are involved in many different ministries of Bethel Baptist Church. While at TSBC, not only will you learn in the classroom but you also get hands on training in the ministries of Bethel Baptist Church.



Sunday School

Nursing Homes


Rescue/ Homeless Missions

Backyard Bible Clubs

Street Preaching

Tract Blitz

Blue Denim and Lace

Baptist Boy’s Battalion

King’s Kids

Children’s Church

Teen Church



Special Music