History of Tri State Baptist College

Tri-State Baptist College was organized in January 1973 by Bethel Baptist Church, under the leadership of her Pastor, Dr. Roy Westmoreland. At that time, the college was located on our Memphis, TN campus. In August of 1997, our church moved to its current location in Walls, MS. The last 42 years of training Christian leaders to fulfill the great commission has proven to be a success. We now have graduates all across the globe making a difference for the Gospel’s sake. It is believed by Bethel Baptist Church that the commission to make disciples, baptize them, and teach them was given to the local, autonomous church, and that is why Bethel Baptist Church sponsors and administers the college. We believe that the college can successfully maintain its Christian and Biblical principles only as it is administered by a local New Testament Church. The church insists that the college operate on the same fundamental, Biblical principles upon which the church was founded. The college is owned by Bethel Baptist Church and the main purpose is to prepare students for church and church-related vocations. During the first semester of the school’s history, the college curriculum included degree objectives, preparing students for ministerial and other church-related vocations. The record speaks for the success of these goals in the number of souls saved through the ministry of the student body in the local church context.

Tri-State Baptist College is a proven place to be. With a track record of over 42 years, there are pastors, evangelists, missionaries, teachers and Christian laymen serving God all across the world. Pastor Ron Westmoreland has taken it as a challenge to be faithful to the old paths and walk in them. In a day when so many are changing and moving from one thing to the other, Tri-State Baptist College has proven itself to be rock solid. We hope you will prayerfully consider being a part of our bright future.