Dormitory Life

The dormitories of Tri-State Baptist College are much like a regular house. You will find them to be a home away from home with an atmosphere that is extremely friendly and comfortable to those who live there.  Our dorms are constantly being updated and maintained in a first class manner.  There are eight bedrooms in each dorm and a large bathroom with four sinks, three bathroom stalls, and three showers.  The kitchens come complete with several refrigerators, microwaves, an oven, and a dishwasher.  Each student will be assigned a cabinet to store their eating utensils along with any necessary pots, pans, and plates.

Each room is equipped with three beds.  One is a captain’s bed and one is a bunk bed. Each student will have a twin size bed, a chest of drawers, a partial closet, and a few other drawers for storage in the studying desk located in each room.  Our dorms are located on the same property as the college and the church.  This makes it easy and convenient to be ready for all the exciting things that will be happening on this 96 acre campus.

Dormitory Supplies

          1. Alarm clock

          2. Bath towels and wash cloths

          3. Basket or container for storing personal shower items

          4. Dish towels and dish cloths

          5. Laundry bag for dirty clothes

          6. Laundry detergent

          7. Pots and pans for cooking; cooking utensils

          8. Sheets and quilt or comforter for a twin size bed (no sleeping bags)

          9. Storage containers used in the dorm must be the type made to fit under

               the bed

       10. Small fan that can clip on a bed. (No floor or window fans)

Any extra items that are not mentioned on this list or items that will not fit in the closet and personal storage space should be kept in the dorm attic. Rooms should not become cluttered but they should be kept neat, clean, and in order. There will be daily dorm checks in order to insure that this is taking place.

Due to limited storage space students need to keep food to a few days supply. Also, drink storage containers in the refrigerator need to be a half-gallon size or smaller. Refrigerators should be purged on a weekly basis of any excess food that is not being consumed.

If you have any questions concerning the dormitory you may contact our Dorm Supervisor, Bro. Jeremiah Johnson at 662-781-7777 ext. 109